The 3rd Saz Festival-PEOPLE TOGETHER IN HARMONY- Ohel Yael

21/06 2014

The 3rd Saz Festival-PEOPLE TOGETHER IN HARMONY- Ohel Yael

8:30pm –

The 3rd Saz Festival
Music Across Cultures in the Galilee

The 3rd Saz Festival ~ PEOPLE TOGETHER in HARMONY ~ brings together musical spirit that crosses the diverse cultures of the Galilee and beyond.  Join us on the evening of the longest day of the year to celebrate music, dance, good cheer and special friends in the magical atmosphere of Ohel Yael in nature facing the
ancient site of Tel Yodfat.

Three hours of music shows plus dancing into the wee hours.

With special musical guests from the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Bedouin communities this will be a participatory experience to cherish and remember.

Diwan Saz is a multicultural Jewish, Christian & Muslim group performing ethnic roots music from Central Asia, Turkey, Persia, and the Holy Land ~~ World Music from the Middle East infusing traditional instruments and ancient melodies with inter-cultural elements & uplifting spirit ~~ and
promoting peace and understanding through their music.

Diwan Saz marries two great traditions that coexist in the Holy Land -Jewish and Muslim music.  The songs are sung together in 5 languages (Hebrew, Arabic,Turkish, Persian, Aramaic) by Rabbi David Menachem, Muhamad Gadir (Hamoudi), Tzipora El Rei and Lubna Salame, whose powerful voices, rising at times above the instruments, demand undivided attention to this music of peace.

Yochai Barak ~ Saz, Baglama
Udi Benknaan ~ Saz, Lira
Amir Shahsar  ~ Ney , Zorna, Persian Vocals
Eyal Luman ~ Percussion & Qanun
Aviv Bahar ~ Guitar, Kupuz
Tzipora El Rei ~ Hebrew & Turkish Vocals
Rani Lorentz ~ Bass

Rav David Menachem ~ Paytan, Vocals
Muhamad “Hamoudi” Gadir ~ Bedouin Vocal Song

Shye Ben Tzur ~ Vocals, Bansuri Flute,
Mark Eliyahu ~ Camanche,
Shlomo Bar ~ Vocals, Percussion,
Ashraaf Abu Leil ~ Arabic Vocals,
Miryam Peretz ~ Dance

Mumin Sesler ~ Qanun Master

The program will start with a special opening act followed by a full show with Diwan Saz and guests, continuing with debka and DJ dance party into the night with DJ Udi Benknaan

Limited early-bird special price: 80 nis
Advance tickets: 90 nis
Door price: 100 nis:
For advance purchase or group reservation inquiries call: 077-2345719

Gates open: 20:35, Show starts 21:30
Full bar, Galilee food, Chai shop, Good vibes

(banner photo of Diwan Saz by Andy Alpern)