Singing circle with Orka Teppler from OROT

03/08 2017

Singing circle with Orka Teppler from OROT

8:00pm – 11:00pm

The Khan, Tsvi Levanon 5, Safed, 13201, Israel

Soloist Orot – Orka Teppler – arrived in Safed for the first time with her Orot group at the graduation ceremony of the Makamat school year – and after the high lights and the communal prayer, it came to the realization that it was time for the women of the North to officially turn around!

Orka invites you to bring yourself -
Anyone who wants to come with a musical instrument is very welcome!
Percussion, melodic tools, anything.
The circle will be guided and led by Orka,
From an invitation to bring yourself,
To create this circle – together !!

The entrance fee is 20 NIS or more, according to your opinion.

The price of entry is designed so that anyone who wants to come will please spread the word so that our prayers and festivities will be great and high quality!

with love.

Orka Teppler -
34, married and still without children
Soloist of Lights and Forest
Minchat Chagalei Shira, improvisation artist, and guitarist.
In love with life. Full of faith. Curious and intent on unifying hearts in this world.