Shishko Disco

17/09 2015

Shishko Disco

8:00pm –

Shishko is the project of Moshe Zehavi of The Turbans and Farafi, It consists of original compositions ranging in styles from Contemporary Groovy to Ethno-Jazz.

The group was established in India last year with Oshan Mahony (The Turbans) and Madhav Haridaris (Nadistan) and the band has been gigging this year in Goa and around India – (January – March), in Israel (April – May ), London (June-August).

Shishko is returning to tour in Israel for September.

About the music -

Moshe Is a Modern day Nomad and his music reflects his multi-cultural outlook on life, the show is extremely dynamic from jazzy ballads to turbo balkan melodies and rocking grooves. The set is comprised from instrumental compositions as well as songs.

The band members for coming tour are:

Madhav Haridaris – Saxophone
Moshe Zehavi- Guitar /Vocals
Dor Kelman- Drums
Yaron Mitelman- Bass
Eden Barel – Rhythm Guitar
Eti Guri- (guest) Vocals

Tickets : Online or @ the door – 50 NIS

 The show will be happening by the General Exhibition in the artist colony (by the Khan)

Doors open at 20:00

Performance at 21:00