Shai Avivi & Michal Shalhevetl Libedinsky-Happily Ever After

03/04 2014

Shai Avivi & Michal Shalhevetl Libedinsky-Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after to this day …. This sentence screwed up my life. Not just me – but millions of divorced couples around the world have the right to sue the person who wrote it, who read to us, the person who got it in to our head & heart since we were little “

So begins the show , which is built of short sketches talk about everything : falling in love , routine , longing out, settling , fear of “quality time” , traveling to a “zimmer” , silences in restaurants , “mighty” sex and the desire to stay together despite the difficulties, erosion and temptations on the way. The show is accompanied by guitar player Uri Regev . Sketches and humor lightly touching on issues not always easy to talk about, and leave the audience with a sweet taste and a sense that we are all in the same ( shaky )  boat.

Ticket Price : 70 NIS

Tickets can be bought in the office with a credit card – 077-2345719 , and on the night of the show .

Door Opening – 8 PM , Show Start – 9 PM

See our FaceBook Event:  Shai Avivi & Michal Shalhevetl Libedinsky@ the Khan