Quartet Toukan

06/02 2014

Quartet Toukan

A new musical project that developed from the link formed between four musicians from diverse musical cultures, led by vocalist Miriam Toukan. The performance brings together songs and melodies from East and West, inviting a rare encounter between the poems of Haim Nachman Bialik and the songs of the great Lebanese vocalist Fairuz, between Lea Goldberg and flamenco—and between klezmer and Arab folk music.

“My father listened to Fairuz, Farid al-Atrash and Layla Mourad at home, but also to Arik Einstein and Zohar Argov. Those were the musical influences upon me,” says Toukan. “The project is a purposeful encounter between performing artists with the same vision, the same hope and the same dream.”

Miriam Toukan vocals | Idan Toledano oud, flamenco guitar and accordion | Racheli Galaycello | Noa Vaks percussion

Ticket Price : 50 NIS


Tickets can be bought in the office with a credit card , and on the night of the show .

Tickets can also be bought on MISTER TICKET web site .


Door Opening – 8 PM , Show Start – 9 PM