Peimat Hamaagal

19/06 2015

Peimat Hamaagal

When nature rings its beat, on one of the shortest nights of the year, with the end of spring and the official beginning of the summer,

we gather again in the Fairy Forest (Yaar afeyot) to sing together in the wild in nature around the fire, in one long & special circle,

beginning before sundown and continuing until after dawn, along with hundreds of loving friends around.

Musicians participating with the audience:

Gil Ron Shama Shimon Lev Tahor Ophir Evenodem ​​ Dvir Cohen Eraki Alon Amano Campino Yinon Darwish Liat Zion

Yaron Peer Ron Paz Yshai Afterman ♫  Itzach Ventura Elyasaf Bashari Nimrod Nul Rafael Emanuel Ran Adi Arnon Lev Alman Gergelei Barcza Nitzan Peri and many other friends.


Limited number of tickets available for 120 NIS (instead of 150-180 later on) .

 For Secure purchase online

For information and reservations by phone: 077-2345719

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Come sing with us!


To sing together beating as one From the dawn of civilization sacred poetry serves as a powerful tool for renewal and

creativity, when we stay up all night and experience a harmonious connection as such, we heal the fear and separation and become one.

In old days, when the winter clouds had left, and the sun began to warm the land, tribes gathered into sacred circle embraced by the moon and the stars, dancing and singing to welcome the magical sunrise.  In many places the beginning of the celestial summer and the longest day of the year was marked by special celebration dedicated to the spirit of the Feminine, to fire and to the fairy spirits and life force of the forests.

With the arrival of summer in the land, we will all gather at an enchanted & inspiring forest to sing together in a circle starting from before sundown until after sunrise.   Together with a few hundred dear friends we will share in a powerful, healing and intimate musical ceremony of more than 16 hours, that will charge us in faith and inspiration for the entire year.

 Everyone and everything sings in nature: birds, fish, mammals and trees.Even sadness, pain and loss, as well as joy and happiness are a part.

Everyone is welcome, all the colors of our inner nature, just as with friends each has his or her own color.  Everything is smooth, everything is included in the circle, because when the music is played all is right and everything has its reason and a place.

 Friday June 19th  – Doors open 14:00

Until Saturday, June 20th  – ending at 12:00 noon


Practical information:


In the event area you can find vegetarian and vegan food, chai shop, drinks, snacks, desserts and other sweets.


There will also be booths offering art, clothing, jewelry and accessories for sale.

If you have the “Ali Ruchi” songbook bring it with you.  Songbooks will be available for sale at the festival.

 Camping is allowed during the festival at no

extra charge. Camping on days before and after

the festival is by a separate arrangement with

the Fairy Forest, Beit Oren.




Peimat Hamaagal is a joint collaboration of

Moshe Tov Kreps, Gil Ron Shama and Shimon

Lev Tahor


Artistic directors: Gil Ron Shama and Shimon

Lev Tahor


Production Khan of the White Donkey


This gathering is conceived and undertaken in full respect and honor to Mother Earth, Father Sky, the


Great Spirit, the Holy Wisdom traditions, the seekers, sages, troubadours, poets, story-tellers and artists who  came before and continue to light the way, all the peoples of the planet and all the colors of the Rainbow.



Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


Come to the Garden All are welcome here