Open Jam Night

07/02 2013

Open Jam Night

8:00pm – 11:30pm

The Khan, Tsvi Levanon 5, Safed, 13201, Israel

07.02.2013 – 20:00


Open Stage for Galilee artists. Come with instruments, open strings and much joy in the heart. Celebrate a full evening of simple and profound connection to music. Close to home, intimate and without barriers. Established and excellent artists coming to play for a listening audience.
Join our tradition as the best of Tzfat and Galil artists come to offer a short taste of their creations on the Khan stage.


You’re welcome to call Tzachi Har Nevo – 052-3615431 to request scheduling an appearance


NIS 15 cover price includes a hot or cold drink.

Doors open at 20:00.  Acoustic only after 23:00.


For reservations and general information about the Khan please call 077-234-5719

Best Galil pizza, winter soup, chai and bar drinks available in the old/new Khan of the White Donkey, ancient meeting-place of cultures in the new Artists’ Quarter, Tzfat. Proceeds support Amutat Halevav – the Center for Healthy Living in Tzfat