Niri Sadeh and Mosh Zehavi

24/04 2013

Niri Sadeh and Mosh Zehavi

8:00pm – 11:30pm

The Khan, Tsvi Levanon 5, Safed, 13201, Israel

Niri Sadeh, ney flute and vocals, and Mosh Zehavi, classical guitar and fretless electric. A heart-opening and mouth-watering taste of the creative world of Sufi song in fresh new interpretations. For the first time, combining Turkish Sufi ney together with guitar inspired by swing, flamenco and oriental tunes by composers such as Dede Efendi and Omar Faruk. Original Hebrew melodies and songs written under this intoxicating influence, along with rhythmic musical excerpts from Spain and the Balkans. Guest artist Ben Dogovich (Harel Shachal and the Ottomans) on diverse percussion instruments.
Niri Sadeh - ney artist researching classical eastern music (and contemporary remixes) for the past decade - performed and recorded with many artists including Yasmin Levy, taught ney at School of Oriental & African Studies at Univ. of London, and released several albums.

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Mosh Zehavi – up-coming guitar virtuoso and composer with a special gift for harmony, who frequently travels between Israel, Europe, Greece and Istanbul.

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