Nano Stern

04/07 2013

Nano Stern

8:00pm – 11:00pm

The Khan, Tsvi Levanon 5, Safed, 13201, Israel

Nano Stern is a young chilean artist riding the crest of the New Wave of Chilean Song, with a devoted following that stretches out from Chile, into Latin America, north to Canada & the USA, over to Europe and down in Australia. His musical virtuossity, mesmerising and charismatic live performances and his passionate and poetic advocacy for social justice result in a true and honest universal message delivered with high energy, top level musicality, dwelling deeply into the tradition whilst being contemporary with the passion of youth. He is carving out his own musical path in life.


Nano’s style is rooted in the traditions of Latin American music, with the musicality of jazz and the irreverent and youthful energy of rock. Not to be underrated is the power and emotion that emanates from his vocal prowess and his intimate and rousing connection to his audiences, at home in Chile and across the world. Nano writes, sings and speak about issues bigger than himself with a deep sense of social justice and at just 27, he has been anointed by Inti Illimani, Silvio Rodriguez and others as one of the new voices of Latin American folk music.


“young Nano Stern is a live phenomenon”. Andrew Cronshaw, UK.


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Tickets cost 50 NIS