Maaglim Festival

13/06 2013

Maaglim Festival

11:30am – 11:30am

Ein Zeytim, Ein Zeytim, Israel

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פסטיבל מעגליםWhen art and audience unite in nature.

From the beginning of the cradle of civilization in the Middle East, the gathering around the fire, in the cave or temple or in the open field, was the basis for communal encounter, spiritual work and preservation of unity of different communities and their cultural assets. The tribal campfire was a source of inspiration and faith, connection to heart and connection to God. In those days under the stars we ourselves affirmed our spiritual truth and purpose to participate in the divine creation and ‘tikkun olan’, repairing the world, through prayer and singing together.

Today we have the simple ability to converge in shared circles again, singing together as one to express our hopes, our fears, our faith and our longing for real change. This is an existential need … not only of the individual heart, but the age-old longing of the once-and-future heart of our shared tradition, culture and communities to arise to bring the world a new song.

The Maaglim Festival will gather in nature in Ein Zeitim, amidst the magical and spiritual treasures of the Galilee to convene a rare meeting of circles of the heart. The performing artists and audience together will create circles of collective and uplifting song.

During the day in the afternoon there will be workshops and master classes. In the evening great performances in an extended circle, ending with a sacred song circle that will gather all into one circle of fire, spirit, heart and soul.

Interactive Shows:

Circles of the Galilee: George Saman, Salem Darwish and friends singing melodies and songs from the Galilee.
Circles of Harmony: Shem-Tov Levi with music from his show “Son of the Earth”
Circles Around The World: Gil Ron Shama and SOOF with guest artists Zohar Fresco and dancer Miriam Peretz – an Afro-Sufi Groove experience.
Circles of the Heart: Liat Zion and Yinon Darwish in “Heart Song”
Circles of Spirit: singing through the night, with Shimon Lev Tahor and “Ali Ruchi”

Workshops and Master Classes:

Creating art in nature, with Sahar Hofi.
Movement workshop with live music with Uria & Titalie Tsur
Women’s singing and movement circle with Prema Shakti
Yoga movement circle with Michal Cohen Simcha
Sufi whirling master class with Miriam Peretz
Hebrew Qawwali master class with Yaron Pe’er
plus more …

Workshop/Master class details:

Master Class with Miriam Peretz — “Turn to the heart
Journey to the heart through the breath, intention, spin and zikr (memory). In sacred circle of the community, to cleanse our hearts and dissolve in the unity of creation.
Miriam is a master dancer of traditional and sacred ethnic dance of Persia, Turkey and the Silk Road who performs and teaches internationally.

Master class with Yaron Peer — Hebrew Qawwali
Yaron Peer – creative artist, composer and musician – has studied Indian classical music since 2000. For the last five years he focused on Qawwali song partly under the direction of master Zakir Ali Ajmer, translating and writing Qawwali songs in Hebrew. Founded the band “Haqawalia”‘ in 2008, specializing in Qawwali-style singing in Hebrew and the liturgical song of the Jews of Afghanistan.

Women’s movement workshop
Movement improvisation accompanied by chanting circle – movement and songs of devotion in the moment, touching each one, and opening the heart in a safe space for women.
Music and singing: Prema Shakti and Sarit Shultzinr
Movement led by Tamar Lerner

Workshop “Sacred Journey – Meeting of Hearts
Led by: Uria and Titalie Tsur
Live music by: Uria Tsur, Gilad Margalit and friends
Workshop in movement and expansion of consciousness based on the method of “tedarim b’tenuah” (frequencies in motion), accompanied by live music. Through guided movement, we access the information stored in cells in our bodies, release tension and inhibitions and meet our inner child. From a liberated place we go out on journey of consciousness and learning, widen horizons and empower the presence of love.

Yoga circle
Led by: Michal Cohen Simcha
We will practice the yoga poses with mantra singing to open the heart and produce sound. Focus is on the connection between sound and yoga poses and activating the chakras.


What else?

Mind/Body corner – Holistic treatments from the Khan of the White Donkey community clinic

Food & drink: Nourishing food stalls, Bar & Chai Shop


Camping area on-site with bathrooms. Camping included in the festival price.

B & B’s and guest houses: Details on the various options available from the office of the Khan.
For information or booking the guest house of the Khan of the White Donkey in Safed contact Maxim at 054-4494521.


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NIS 200 until 01/06/2013.

NIS 220 from 02/06/2013 until 12/06/13.

NIS 240 at the gate.

Children under 10 – free. Aged 10-15, 80 NIS

10% discount for groups of 10 or more:

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