Harel Shachal and the ottomans

06/04 2017

Harel Shachal and the ottomans

8:00pm – 11:00pm

Thursday 6/4
time 20:00
50 nis
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The sound of the jewish Clarinet playing the middle eastern makam (melodic system) with the Jazz attitude and the spices of the mediterranean music, all together were the mix that Harel Shachal had in his mind when he formed “The Ottomans”. Searching for the right musicians was not an easy task but Shachal could find the few musicians that where totally into mastering the middle eastern music and had the knowledge of the western music. Together they create an Israeli middle eastern art music. For four and a half years of regular gig at the heart of the flee market at the old Jaffa city they mastered together a new style of music.
If you walk at the streets of the old Jaffa market on Mondays evenings, you will hear some klezmer clarinet and violin with the middle Eastern Oud and Kanun playing their original mix on top of the rhythms of the middle eastern Darbuka and the old biblical drum “Tof Miriam”. A fusion of old and new, east and west.
These days, Harel Shachal and The Ottomans are about to bring out their debut Album (Harel Shachal’s 5th Album as a leader)

Harel Shachal & The Ottomans

Harel Shachal: Clarinet
Yaniv Taichman: Oud
Yossi Bronfman: Kanun
Daniel Hoffman: Violin
Nur Bar Goren: Riq
Roei Fridman:Darbuka
הופעה עותמאנים