Flamenco Celebration

17/10 2013

Flamenco Celebration

A Flamenco experience combining vocals, guitar, cajon (box drum) and dance, featuring the most authentic form of flamenco, as it is currently performed in Spain. The show is Tablao Flamenco style, allowing each artist personal expression in collaboration between the musicians and the dancer.  Duration of the show is approximately one hour.

Along with the Flamenco show a special menu of Spanish tapas will be served creating the atmosphere of an authentic Spanish cabaret.Vocals : Yehudah (Shuki) Shwiki
Guitar : Ofir Atar
Cajon : Maayan Doari
Dance : Advah YirmiyahuThe artists :

Yehudah (Shuki) Shwiki - flamenco singer.  Lived in Spain for several years, where he studied the arts of music and flamenco singing from the best teachers and artists. Worked and performed with Spanish flamenco ensembles . Performs regularly with the Remangar Flamenco Dance Company of Keren and Avner Pesach, Sharon Saguy’s “Flamenco Natural”, Michal Natan’s dance company “Compas”, Michaela Harari’s group “Fania Flamenca”, the Andalusian Orchestra, David Broza , Matbooja Project , and many others.

Ophir Atar – flamenco guitarist . Lived in Spain for several years , where he studied flamenco guitar in the Fundacion Flamenco school with the best teachers and performed in various ensembles. Returned to Israel a few months ago and appears with prominent flamenco ensembles in the country, among them:  Keren and Avner Pesach’s Remangar Flamenco Dance Company, Michaela Harari, Sharon Saguy and many more .

Maayan Doari – flamenco cajon (box drum) and percussion. In recent years, moving between Spain to Israel, became professional playing the flamenco cajon and studied with some of the best Spanish players including Ramon Purina and Jorge Perez . Since returning to Israel he has been playing and touring with prominent flamenco ensembles in the country.

Advah Yirmiyahu - professional flamenco dancer who started her career with Israeli flamenco performing groups. After spending several years in Spain where she studied with the best teachers in dance and performed in various settings, returned to Israel in September 2010 and brought the show “De Ida y Vuelta” (About Leaving and Returning ).

Tickets are 90 shekels for the dinner/show package (50 shekels for the show alone.)
Can be purchased by credit card by calling our office, or on the night of the show in cash.You can also purchase tickets for the show on “Mister Ticket” online.Door Opening – 8 PM , Show Start – 9 PM