Eyal Said Mani, Ensemble Mechilta

22/09 2013

Eyal Said Mani, Ensemble Mechilta

8:00pm – 11:00pm

חאן החמור הלבן, צבי לבנון 5, צפת, 13201, Israel

Ensemble musicians: R. Eyal Said Mani, Ilan Aviv , Asaf Rabi, Amar Rizi, Eran Binyamini , Ilan Etdagui (??), Yitzhak Ventura, Aviv Kaminer, Moshe Shilo, Ariel Regimov, Avner Cohen-Zadeh.Eyal Said Mani plays the Tar (a classical Persian stringed instrument), sustaining a musical tradition thousands of years old passed down from father to son and teacher to student.  In the creation of this show, he combines ancient Persian musical traditions and modern composition. This integration also finds expression in the musical instrumentation of the ensemble .Mani is a composer and performer of grace who opens a window into roots music. By way of his private journey through Islam and Sufism to Judaism, the Rabbi tells the story of an entire and important culture and allows us all to open up and rediscover forgotten melodies and original creations.

In this performance, Mani appears with the “Mekhilta” ensemble, a large and talented group of veteran musicians from different bands and orchestras, who have united to combine ancient Persian instruments such as Tar, Santur, Zarb, Ney, and Camanche, along side surprising harmonies of guitar, bass, keyboard and Western drum set.

Selections for listening: (We apologize for the low quality of the recording of the first two links from the show at Beit Ha-Yotzer, sound was taken from a live microphone at the console rather than from a direct feed form the stage.)


איל סעיד מאני

Tickets – 50  NIS

Can be bought with a credit card in our office , Prior to the day of the concert , OR at the entrance - on concert night – In cash

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