Avshalom Farjun

10/10 2013

Avshalom Farjun

8:30pm – 10:30pm

A performance beyond boundaries on the kanun, an ancient 90-string plucked instrument, with artist Avshalom Farjun, founder of the legendary band Bustan Avraham.
Avshalom reveals new possibilities of music and expression on the kanun, the great grandfather of the modern piano, combininginfluences from east and west.
The performance showcases original works of Avshalomcombined with improvisations and variations on pieces from the repertoire of Bustan Abraham.
This is a fascinating and refined journey, transporting the listenerthrough a hypnotic meditative atmosphere on sweeping rhythmsand virtuoso playing.”Avshalom uncovers almost endless expressive possibilities of the instrument in an unprecedented way and takes you to special musical places which you have not met before.” –Ma’ariv

“Avshalom Farjun, one of the pioneers of world music in Israel, offers astonishing improvisations on the kanun. This amazing insrument, a thousand years old, and 90strings, can change shape wildly sounding at times like an Arabic oud, a Western romantic harp, the Latin guitar and eventhe Mediterranean mandolin.” – Time Out London”The kanun in the hands of Avshalom sounds like a full string orchestra.  Rich, engaging expression that combines the sounds of bouzouki and mandolin, through the oud, saz and flamenco guitar, up to the harpsichord and piano.  Avshalom’s sound is strong, straight and clear. His playing is precise, exquisite, full of respect and emotion. A masterpiece of beauty andsplendor.” – Yediot Aharonot.

Ticket Price : 50 NIS
Tickets can be bought in the office with a credit card , and on the night of the show – in cash .
Tickets can also be bought on MISTER TICKET web site .