Avshalom Duo….

24/04 2014

Avshalom Duo….

8:00pm –

Avshalom Farjun – Qanun
Avshalom Tubali – Ud
 A cross-cultural journey with the magical 90 strings qanun by Avshalom Farjun, leader of the Bustan Abraham ensemble accompanied by the acclaimed ud player Avshalom Tubali. Avshalom’s duo leads you gracefully through a meditative and lyrical atmosphere to an upbeat virtuoso performance
The repertoire is based mainly on improvisations alongside new compositions composed by Avshalom & old compositions performed in the past by Bustan Abraham. 
 “In the  hands of Avshalom (leader of the legendary group Bustan Abraham), the Qanun is transformed into a full string orchestra. 
The sound soars, lofty and clear.  His playing is precise, magical and filled with dignity and sensitivity.  A wonderful example of beauty and splendor.” – Yediot Ahronot  
Please Enjoy:


Ticket Price : 50 NIS 

Tickets can be bought in the office or bu phone 077-2345719 with a credit card , and on the night of the show . 

 Door Opening – 8 PM , Show Start – 9 PM 

See our FaceBook Event: Avshalom Duo  @ the Khan

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