Amazing Flamenco Night !!!

01/05 2014

Amazing Flamenco Night !!!

8:00pm –

Flamenco combines vocals, guitar, Cajon & dance, featuring the most authentic flamenco as it is currently performed in Spain. The show is Tablao Flamenco style, allowing each artist of personal expression in cooperation with the musicians dance.
Vocals & Guitar: Ophir Atar
Guitar: Ilai Burla
Pardon: Maayan Doari
Dance: Elinor Alpert
Special Tapas Menu:
* stuffed Vine leaves , served with goat yogurt.
* Spicy sardines in olive oil & preserved lemon.
* Tsiziki (sour chesse )  with fresh mint , purple basil & yogurt.
* Black &  Green olives with herbs.
* Multi Color roasted peppers.
* fresh tabun Focaccia bread with fennel & olive oil.

Ticket Price : 90 NIS shekels for the dinner/show package (50 shekels for the show alone.)

 Tickets Can be purchased by credit card by calling our office – 077-2345719, or on the night of the show .


About the artists :
Ofir Atar- Flamenco singer and guitarist, lived couple of years in ,Seville,  the capital of Andalucía Spain. Learned at “Fundacion Flamenco Cristina Heeren”.
Now days he is working with some of the most popular flamenco groups here is Israel:
“Ramangar” by the couple Avner and Keren Pesach, Michaela Harari, Sharon Sagie and many others.Maayan Doari - Cajonero and Percussionist.
The last following years in the movement between Spain and Israel, specialize at the art of Cajon, learned with some of the best cajoneros in Spain- Ramon Porrina and Jorge Perez.
Since came back to Israel he is playing and performing with some of the most famous groups in Israel.Ilai Burla- Flamenco guitarist, lived couple of years in ,Seville,  the capital of Andalucía Spain.
Learned flamenco at “Fundacion Flamenco Cristina Heeren” and finished in Graduated with honors. Performing in some famous flamenco groups here is Israel, for example- “Ramangar”. Elinor Alpert - Flamenco Dancer-
Elinor entered the world of flamenco in 2007.
She began studying with Michal Natan in Tel-Aviv and after two years left for Spain.
She lived in Seville for two years, where she absorbed the local flamenco culture and studied with leading flamenco artists, such as: Alicia Marquez, Juana Amaya and Pilar Ortega. Between 2011-2012 she studied at the “Fundacion Flamenco Christina Heeren” – a unique institution devoted to teaching the art of flamenco. Nowadays she performs as a solo dancer and also as part of Michal Bratt’s “Pasito” flamenco ensemble.


Door Opening – 8 PM , Show Start – 9 PM

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