21.6.18 – 5th Saz Festival 2018

21/06 2018

21.6.18 – 5th Saz Festival 2018

8:00pm – 11:30pm

5th Saz Festival 2018

Diwan Saz, in cooperation with the Maqamat Music Center, are pleased to host internationally renowned Turkish Saz master Okan Murat Öztürk — with special guest artists Zohar Fresco and Itamar Doari.

A hypnotic and spectacular performance devoted to the ancient and powerful melodies of the Turkish tradition, together with contemporary Israeli/Mediterranean art music with a powerful Oriental fusion groove.

The show is entitled: “From Quiet to Ecstasy”

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What’s the lineup:

Oken Murat Ozturk (Turkey) – Master of the Saz
Diwan Saz Band (see below)
International percussion masters: Zohar Fresco & Itamar Doari
Guest artists: Aviv Bachar (Kopuz, Guitar), Gilad Weiss (Kopuz, Fretless Guitar) and Hadas Pal Yarden (Vocal)

When and where:
Thursday 21/6/18 — on the longest day of the year
At Ohel Yael near Yodfat in the Galilee

What’s the plan:

Diwan Saz hosts Turkish Saz master Okan Murat Ozturk together with the best musicians in Israel.

Opening act:
Saz ensemble of 15 Saz performers

Main show continues with Diwan Saz band setting the festive mood and energy.
Solos by Saz master Okan Ozturk joined by Zohar Fresco & Itamar Doari for an intimate virtuoso conversation between melody and rhythm.
Diwan Saz then returns to the stage for a full set with all the guest masters and artists culminating in a spectacular climax with the full ensemble.

Melodies of soul and love / ancient and powerful music from silence to trance – a direct and rare pipeline from the Turkish tradition of Assyrian finite

The uniqueness of the performance is how it manages to attract and inspire the audience to a musical journey from Istanbul to Teheran.
The show opens with quiet melodies that tap into the inner emotions and develop into sweeping rhythms which motivate the audience to move and dance.

In the mountains of Galilee / Ohel Yael near Yodfat

The show will be followed by an electro-ethnic dance party with champion DJ Udi Ben Kanaan

Doors opening: 20:00
Special super early bird pride: 60 NIS for the first 60 first tickets
Early price: limited number of tickets @80 NIS until Saturday 9/6 or until quota is sold out
Standard pre-show price: 90 NIS
And 100 NIS on the day of the show
Purchase tickets as soon as possible here: https://secure.cardcom.solutions/u/lJ2/

Dr. Okan Murat Ozturk is an internationally renowned singer and Saz player of the Turkish Anatolian folk traditions. Apart from a large number of albums, collaborations, performances and TV shows, he has written several scholarly books about the roots music of Anatolia and the Makam tradition in Turkish music. He is a well-known pedagogue and lecturer at the University of Ankara.

Diwan Saz is a unique performance ensemble that delves deeply into the musical traditions of Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East. The textual and melodic content of the ensemble is influenced by many folk traditions and incorporates Sufi spirit and melody together with the Jewish and Arab musical heritage from throughout the Middle East. The musically heterogeneous composition of Diwan Saz fosters a fascinating encounter between people, cultures, religions and languages ​​that allows space for joint musical creation and dialogue.
The ensemble sings in several languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish and Persian.

Diwan Saz consists of:
Yochai Barak – Musical Director, Saz, Bagalma
Amir Shahsar – Ney flute, Clarinet, Vocals and Zorna
Udi Ben Canaan – Lyra, Saz
Tzipora El Rei – Vocals
Eyal Luman – Percussion
Roni Lorentz – Bass

Master Okan Murat Ozturk will also conduct a two-day master class workshop for musicians on 19-20/6 in a beautiful natural location near Yodfat.
For details: https: //www.facebook.com/events/183703955785719/