19.10.17 – Yagel Harush

19/10 2017

19.10.17 – Yagel Harush

8:00pm – 11:00pm

חאן החמור הלבן, צבי לבנון 5, צפת, 13201, Israel

A debut performance featuring compositions in the framework of the “Maqam” (musical modes of Middle Eastern music) by composer Yagel Harush for songs from “Diwan Yagel Ben Yaakov” – a collection of piyyutim, fragments of pieces he wrote over the past decade and will be published in the coming year.

Thursday: 19/10
Doors Open: 20:00
Show starts around: 21:00
ADMISSION IS FREE — all are welcome
Donations from the heart will be welcomed and will go 100% to support the artists

The performance will also include new interpretations of the sources of inspiration – from psalms, through the poetry of the Bakashot of Moroccan Jews, to the new poetry of modern poets – all of which are part of a kind of modern Tikkun Midot.

Diwan Trio:
Yagel Harush – Vocals, Kamenche, Ney // Uriah Harush – Guitar, Oud, Vocals //
Aviad Ben Yehuda – Percussion

After founding the Shir Yedidot Ensemble, which gave a new interpretation of the mystical love poetry of Moroccan Jews – the poetry of the supplications – Harush reveals a new collection of poems and piyyutim, “Diwan Yagel Ben Yaakov”. The collection contains 32 piyutim and songs, along with 32 compositions that rely on the eastern musical modes, the Maqam. The Diwan reconstructs the structure of one of the nightly Jewish rituals, Tikkun Chatzot, and presents new liturgical poems that are intended to be part of it.

Tikkun Chatzot, according to Jewish tradition, is a prayer and a cry of a woe over the exile of the Shechina (the Divine Presence) and the exile of the heart that branches out from it. The first part of the Tikkun consists of laments of earthly loss and longing, and the second part of prayers and requests that emphasize the thirst, the expectation of redemption and consolation.

“Diwan Yagel Ben Yaakov” and the accompanying performance seek to preserve the evolving structure of Tikkun Chatzot, which reflects the movement from the darkness of the night to the sunrise, from darkness to light, from slumber to waking – and symbolically matching the movement from the exile of the heart to the redemption. By gathering the voices of all together the show seeks to make the audience, if only for a moment, an integral part of the musical assembly, and the performance space itself – prayer. In this way, “Diwan Yagel Ben Yaakov” seeks to contribute to the revival of the world of piyyut – not only through the performance of ancient forms, but through the experimental creation of a modern piyyut planted in renewed rituals.