Liora Isaac

17/04 2014

Liora Isaac

8:00pm –

Liora Isaac – the singer behind the beautiful Israeli lullaby “Pizmon LaYakinton” (A Tune For The Hyacinth ) at his new Indian curling version , who also sang with Yoav Yitzhak, Hadag Nahash , The Idan Raichel Project and is currently taking part in the musical refreshing project “Oriental Baby 2 ” .

Liora will perform at the “Khan of the White Donkey” with an impressive group of musicians:

Ofra Avni – A student of Pandit Hari Prasad Tz’orsih, one of the greatest musicians in India , will play the  Bansuri – The lyric Indian Flute .

Amir Weiss – Acoustic guitar

Danielle White – who began his musical way accompanying  the Hbhakti – Indian devotion singing – playing the Cahul drum (Mridanga) and then devoted himself to the Tabla drum , under the aegis of Pandit Nishikant Brodkr.

Thali Meal will be served (For RIce & Kitniot Eaters)

Tickets are 90 shekels for the dinner/show package (50 shekels for the show alone.)

please enjoy:

Ticket Price : 50 NIS
Tickets can be bought in advance at :  077-2345719 .

Door Opening – 20:00 , Show Start – 21:00


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