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The Khan of the White Donkey is home music & special events in the Galil.

This ancient, 700 years-old Khan (inn and gathering place of caravans) was renovated & restored to become a beautiful and unique place, using entirely natural materials, exceptionally designed.

The renovation and reconstruction project lasted more than four years and more than 100 expert builders worked in it, putting forward their best talents and love for traditional construction under Kimi (Elyakim) Maman & Yaron Friedlander, who supervised the project. Kimi is a leading Israeli expert in traditional natural building materials and authentic restoration of ancient structures.

The Khan lies at the heart of the magical Artists’ Quarter in Tzfat and serves as a unique center for quality culture and health: the best of the Galilee.

The Khan is a singular place, attracting hundreds of locals, tourists, visitors, and guests every week.


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